Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons wins the prestigious Lo Mejor de lo Nuestro Award

Rochester, NY (August 29, 2017) – Promoter Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons is the recipient of the Lo Mejor de lo Nuestro Award.

The award, which is presented by the Ibero American Action League, is given to an individual who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to both community and the community at large for her contributions, leadership skills and ability to work well with all individuals and groups in her hometown of Rochester, New York.

Ms, Simmons was recognized for her Pretty Girl Promotions, what it has meant to the city of Rochester ans her ability to work with members of the community from various backgrounds and professions.

Receiving the award ” Lo Mejor de Lo Nuestro” is quite an honor . We’re honored and thankful,”said Vazquez-Simmons. “We at PrettyGirl Promotions believe community involvement is critical particularly our engagement with inner city youth.”
A quote we live by : “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”- Muhammad Ali

Simmons will receive her award at the 49th Annual luncheon on Thursday, October 12th at the Joseph A, Floreano Convention Center from 12-1:30 PM.

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