Introducing The “Detroit Brawl” Series From Salita Promotions


Detroit (December 17, 2015)–Get your engines revving, fight fans, for a new professional boxing series which will be kicking off in fine-form shortly.

“I am starting a new series, called “Detroit Brawl,” promoter Dmitriy Salita proudly announces. “Detroit Brawl” will be a series of electrifying Detroit based boxing events showcasing the talents and skills of fighters from throughout the city, across the country and around the world!”

Detroit is “America’s Greatest Comeback City,” and that is a theme close to the heart of boxers and boxing fans. Who doesn’t appreciate a pugilist, or a storied city with a rich and vibrant history, clambering back into the spotlight? Most fight fans know of the fabled history of tremendous fighters from Detroit and the region, including Floyd Mayweather, Joe Louis and Thomas “Hitman” Hearns. Area gyms are once again filling up with accomplished pros and the “Detroit Brawl” series will provide a platform for these talented boxers.

The first show will take place February 6th at an iconic Detroit venue, the Masonic Temple in downtown Detroit, and Salita will be providing an electric atmosphere, and offering patrons superior bang for the buck. Each show in the series will feature a performance by a local musician, tag-teaming with fast and furious boxing action.

Up and coming Detroit-area hitters will be placed prominently on the card, and as with every Salita show, you can expect talent from all over the world, showcasing their skills.

A resurgent auto sector, a more diversified state economy, an uptick in technology jobs, along with a spruced up downtown area means Detroit is showing a fighting spirit, and piling up the Ws after a downturn. The “Detroit Brawl” will be yet another credit to the scrappy city. “First Brooklyn Brawl, now a version of the same in Detroit,” said Salita. “Two heavyweight cities, home to maybe the best local, grassroots boxing series in the nation. I am committed to supporting the rebirth of Detroit and will focus attention on encouraging young people to succeed in life, by supporting local programs. That includes local gyms, youth boxing programs and activities for young people which will help strengthen the core of the city! I am beyond excited to kick this off in what promises to be a stellar year in boxing, 2016!”

The series will run on local and national television, with details to be announced soon.

To snap up tickets go to, call 800-745-3000, or by visiting the Masonic box office

The tickets are priced at $28, $38, $48, $63, $93, and $123.
For event information visit and for more info

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