Mark Cipparone and Club 1957 Management looking for major fights in 2014


PHILADELPHIA (JANUARY 5, 2013)–Mark Cipparone was born and raised in South Philadelphia and credits much of his success
to having a balance of street and academics that he would not trade for the world. Having survived that journey is something that he calls his sixth sense.

As a child you could often find Mark around his father Rocco’s Auto body shop and by the time he was sixteen years of age, he could professionally refinish an automotive at the highest industry standards.

While working there as a young man, the seed got planted into his future and Mark knew the collision was what he wanted to do.

“I knew from day one that I would be involved and eventually own the business,” said Cipparone. “I worked very hard on all facets of the business starting with sweeping the floor…graduating to repairing the vehicles, greeting the customers, all the way up the ladder. Eventually I ran the auto body shop and opened my own mechanic shop in the same building.”

At the age of 36, Cipparone purchased the business and building from his father Rocco and never looked back.

“I bought the business…I did not want it handed to me. I am glad that I had the skin in the game as it made me better than I could ever imagine.”

“My dad did a great job and I certainly learned valuable lessons from him that I still use everyday, but I always knew deep down that I could take it to another level.”

In the 12 years since, the now 48 year-old Cipparone has expanded his company Rocco’s Collison Centers from one local auto body shop to 5 of the most successful collision centers in the Philadelphia / New Jersey area. The state of the art operation repairs in excess of 200 collisions weekly and boasts a corporate office on the grounds of his Blackwood, New Jersey location.

Cipparone entered into boxing when a young man who he employed for more than a decade introduced him to his brother that was a Lightweight who needed some direction in his career.

With that, Cipparone started to help and eventually manage Tevin Farmer.

Farmer was known around the boxing circles as a tough fighter but had a modest record of 7-4-1 with three of those losses coming to undefeated fighters.

“I got involved with Tevin just to help him out. His brother has worked for me and when I met Tevin, I learned what a great kid he is and I knew he has the ability. He just needed somebody behind him that could guide him to realize his dreams.”

Since Cipparone officially became Farmer’s manager, Farmer has taken off and won 7 fights in a row which includes wins over previously undefeated Camilo Perez & a stoppage win over tough as nails Carlos Vinan.

Ï saw something in Tevin and I knew he could be a champion. He just needed someone to believe in him. Tevin has a house right across the street from my office and we just recently added a private boxing gym. He is comfortable and focused. Tevin is 7-0 with us and at just 23 years old, his best boxing is still ahead of him.”

With the success of Farmer, Cipparone has gone all in with boxing management as he signed former amateur standout and currant undefeated Flyweight Miguel Cartagena as well as former U.S. Olympic alternate in Featherweight Eric Hunter.

With those three in the fold, Cipparone branded his boxing business Club 1957 Management.

“Each of these boxers has different needs which I can provide and put them in the best position to succeed”, continued Cipparone.

“I am not in this to just throw money around. I am a businessman and I am only looking to sign quality fighters that I can feel can be world champions. So far I have three kids that are in my area but if the opportunity presents itself, I am looking to sign fighters from everywhere. I have assembled a great team around me and so far the results speak for them self. We are just not resting on Tevin, Miguel and Eric. I am on the brink of announcing two more signings and one of those fighters just recently fought for a world championship.”

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