Ringsiders Talk Show Set to Cover Pro and Amateur Boxing from corner to corner; Giving voices to those currently involved with the sport.


Danbury, CT (July 13, 2018) – A new boxing talk show is set to hit the internet. Ringsiders will feature hosts that are currently in the sport of boxing, including both professional and amateur boxers, trainers, managers, promoters and more. The goal of the show is to give viewers a true insider’s look between the ropes. Another major difference of the show is that it will be taped, and feature different visual effects for viewers enjoyment as well as other innovative concepts.

Ringsiders will be taped in Champs Boxing Club in Danbury, CT, which is owned by professional boxing manager A.J. Galante, who will also co-produce the show. He sees Ringsiders as a show that can help give everyone involved with boxing a voice, and a platform to elevate the sport. “Even though we will feature it, Ringsiders is not really about mainstream boxing news. Our main goal is to cover boxing’s other 99% and their perspectives. Boxing is made up of more blue collar individuals then millionaires. We want to do something different, we are looking to highlight the club shows, the club fighter, the up and coming trainer, amateurs trying to find their way, A-Side, B-Side, it doesn’t matter, if it is interesting we want to highlight it, and give people a true insiders look, and have a lot of fun in the process.”

Ringsiders is set to have a rotation of hosts and guests, all who are involved currently with boxing, but two mainstays will include Professional Boxer “Fly” Mike Marshall and amateur sensation Fernely Feliz Jr. Mike Marshall is currently 3(3 kos) – 1 as a professional and is also a licensed USA Boxing Amateur coach for Champs Boxing Club’s amateur team, the CBC Wolfpack. Fernely Feliz Jr. is a Danbury native and one of the top Super Heavyweight amateurs in the Nation. He is a 3 time Western New England and All New England Golden Gloves Champion. A.J. Galante says he couldn’t think of a better embodiment of Ringsiders, “I think both Mike and Fernely fit exactly what this show is about. Mike is a talented pro, who hasn’t always gotten the best opportunities in his career. He’s coming off a loss and in the process of making a comeback, but he is going to also be one of the best trainers in the game in time. He has a great personality and says a lot of things most just think. Fernely is one of the best kids in the world. He is super talented, and can give a lot of insight into the amateur scene, and can give insight into just how hard it is to train and compete, deal with high expectations and trying to prepare for a professional career.”

The shows director of production will be Danbury native Teyonte Best. “I don’t come from a boxing background, but that’s what A.J. and I like about my involvement, just bringing a different perspective.” Best stated, “We believe in different concepts, not telling the same stories, reporting the same news, and we are very much committed to providing an entertaining and informative product for viewers. We want fans and viewers to be involved, and we are working with a few interactive concepts we think will be awesome. As A.J. has stressed to everyone involved, this show is about bringing the whole boxing community together, and we will definitely succeed.”

Ringsiders is set to debut in August at a date to be announced. Have an idea for the show or want to have your voice heard? Contact the show at ringsidersboxingshow@gmail.com

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