Undefeated Junior Welterweight LaVonte Early Fights for Promoter/Mom who is battling Cancer


Charlotte, NC (February 27, 2020) – Undefeated Junior Welterweight prospect LaVonte Earley (10-0, 5 KOs) is fighting for more then a place on the elite list of fighters.

In fact, any accolade he shall receive maybe just a cherry on top of his real motivation.

The 25 year-old who has been a professional for four-years, is motivated by his promoter, who actually happens to be his mother, Lavonda.

Lavonda was diagnosed with stage-four Liver Cancer in 2011. That precipitated Lavonda to be more involved in her children’s endeavors, which included LaVonte’s boxing career, which began at the age of 15.

Lavonda started Vegas Grand Promotions, and LaVonte has been a staple on those shows.

“I am just promoting him for now, as we have interest from several well known and more established Promoters. Because of my diagnosis I know l won’t be able to continue to finance his career so my goal is to get him ready to move on to the bigger stage,” said LaVonda

“My mother literary gave up everything to help support me in my career, which is something I can never ever truly repay her back for. It’s super, super important to me that I not only do what I’m supposed to do, but I can make her proud and give her something to brag about at church,” Earley recently told Fox 46 News in Charlotte.

LaVonte will be back in action on March 28th atRocky River High School.

LaVonte was recently featured on FOX 46 in Charlotte, and that story can be viewed below.

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