Michael Dutchover To take on Clarence Booth In Last Chance Tournament Friday Night in Plant City, Florida


PHILADELPHIA, PA /Ontario, CA (May 19, 2022) – Junior welterweight Michael Dutchover (15-2, 10 KOs) will take part in The Last Chance Tournament when he battles veteran Clarence Booth (21-4, 13 KOs) in a scheduled 8-round bout on Friday night in Plant City, Florida. Dutchover of Midland, Texas is promoted by Banner Promotions and Thompson Boxing. The fight will be streamed on the Probox TV App.

“It will be great to get under the bright lights again, I miss that feeling,” said the 24-year-old Dutchover. “We are taking this one fight at a time, and we have Booth in front of us on Friday.”

On Booth, “He has good fights under his belt and he has been in with some good contenders. I have studied some film on him, and I am looking forward to imposing my will on him. I am ready to go.”

Dutchover is coming off a disappointing loss to Nahir Albright on September 14, 2021, and now looks to get back on the right course to major fights.

“I have never taken the easy route, my last fight was a learning experience,” continued Dutchover, “When you get knocked down, the key is how you get back up. This is a great opportunity for me to show how much I have improved from my last outing. I feel that I am the guy to beat. Whoever is the last man standing has a chance to rejuvenate their career and get bigger opportunities. My losses have taught me to be more composed and learning from my mistakes has made me a better fighter. I’ve had a great camp and my weight is on point. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and stuck by my side. I’m looking forward to a big performance on Friday night.”

“It is a great opportunity for the winner of the tournament, for which we believe it will be Michael Dutchover to advance his career and compete in big fights,” said Artie Pelullo, President of Banner Promotions.

“We know Dutchover has what it takes to get back on track toward his winning ways,” said Alex Camponovo, Thompson Boxing’s general manager. “Winning this tournament will be a tremendous accomplishment and we are behind him one hundred percent.”

Dutchover weighed 139.8 lbs. Booth was 138.8

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